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O’Hagan Ward & Co. have a highly experienced and skillful team of Solicitors to advise in all matters relating to estate planning, probate, the administration of estates, drafting wills and contesting wills.

We recognise that careful planning is required in the area of Estate Planning in order to reflect the testator’s exact wishes whilst at the same time minimising potential taxation liabilities. With the benefit of over 70 years of experience our probate and administration of estates department has the know-how and skill to avoid the kind of problems which often blight the extraction of Grants of Probate and cause delays in the administration of estates following the death of a family member or company director.

Our specialists in probate in Ranelagh Dublin 6 have huge experience in all probate matters including the following:

  1. Tax Efficient Transfer of Assets and Family Businesses,
  2. Powers of Attorney including drafting and registering “Enduring Powers of Attorney”,
  3. Drafting and advising on Wills including contesting wills, Section 117 applications and probate litigation.
  4. Extraction of Grants of Probate, Letters of Administration Intestate, extraction of second and subsequent grants known as De Bonis Non Grants.
  5. Dealing with complex and unusual grants where an executor is dead or lacks the mental capacity to extract a grant.
  6. Administration of Estates and preparation of Administration and Distribution Accounts
  7. Probate litigation and Section 117 cliams where the testator has failed to make proper provision for a child.
  8. Re-structuring of business and/or family affairs.
  9. Setting up of charities and not-for-profit organisations seeking to obtain tax exempt status.
  10. Extraction of foreign grants of representation

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