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O’Hagan Ward & Co. have an efficient, experienced and highly regarded Personal Injury department in Ranelagh Dublin 6. We understand that having an accident and taking a personal injury action can be both a stressful and lengthy process. We appreciate the trauma arising from injures suffered in a road traffic accident, accident at works or a slip and fall and we always take this into consideration in our dealings with our clients. Our Personal Injury specialists do not differentiate clients on the basis of the “value” of their personal injury claims as each claim and each client is as important to us as the next.

We understand that a personal injury claim can be a very drawn out process, especially so if the injury suffered is severe. This is why we explain the process involved at each step so that our clients can be fully appraised of the status of their claim at all times and do not feel removed from the process.  We always endeavour to get the best possible compensation for our clients’ pain and suffering known as General Damages and seek a refund of out of pocket expenses known as Special Damages.

We advise in all type of personal injury law including:

  1. Road Traffic Accidents (RTA)
  2. Work related accidents and stress related injuries
  3. Medical Negligence cases
  4. General Negligence cases
  5. Accidents in public places (local authority accidents)
  6. Occupiers liability (Accidents in private places)

Please contact our Solicitors who specialize in Personal Injury claims in Ranelagh Dublin 6 Ireland

*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.