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O’Hagan Ward & Co. has a litigation department that is very highly regarded and has built a significant reputation in resolving a broad range of disputes including:

  1. Personal injury
  2. Employment law – unfair/constructive dismissal
  3. Accidents at work
  4. Family Law
  5. Commercial litigation including Property disputes
  6. Building disputes and boundary disputes
  7. Probate Litigation
  8. Contractual disputes
  9. General & Medical Negligence

We offer a wide range of litigation services to our Private and Corporate clients at our offices in Ranelagh Dublin 6 Ireland. Our litigation department specializes in Plaintiff Litigation but our litigators also bring with them the experience of having in the past acted for both insurance companies and banks which gives them an insight into how defence teams think!

In addition our litigation department advises in bankruptcy, examinerships, both voluntary and compulsory liquidations, as well as other types of insolvency issues. Our experience enables us to find efficient practical solutions to resolve complex creditor-debtor disputes.

Our litigation specialists in Ranelagh Dublin 6 ensure that we take instructions very carefully so that we can meet our clients’ needs and achieve those results by the most practical and efficient means possible. In this regard we also recognise the ever growing importance of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in providing a more efficient resolution procedure to our client’s disputes. We have years of experience in settlement negotiations which we draw upon in order to achieve settlements for our clients which respects their positions and brings with it savings in both cost, time and stress. Indeed, we always explore the various ADR options with our clients in order to allow them to consider the best approach for their particular circumstances.

Please contact our Solicitors who specialize in Litigation in Ranelagh Dublin 6 Ireland