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It is a well-established network of law firms located in the key member countries of the European Union and beyond. Between them the members of international Jurists employ more than 800 lawyers and support staff, covering a wide range of legal specialities and skills.

Each member firm of ij INTERNATIONAL JURISTS is committed to developing this strong and dynamic network of like-minded lawyers and giving positive support to each other’s clients when necessary. Member firms provide mutual support, exchange of information and key legal issues as well as hotline services for urgent advice and assistance.

International trading
Buying or selling goods, services, components or technology is increasingly international.
Clients who require contracts to be drawn up or enforced in another country need expert advice and assistance both in their home country and abroad.
Those clients supported by ij INTERNATIONAL JURISTS know that all transborder activities can be undertaken with total confidence. They can be sure that should problems arise over delivery, quality of goods or payment, they have an international team of lawyers acting for them.

How ij International Jurists can help clients
When advice or assistance is required, your existing law firm will contact the relevant member of ij INTERNATIONAL JURISTS on your behalf. The close personal contact that exists between lawyers in the different member firms ensures that you receive the best possible service.

Working for clients
European hi-tech or new technology companies attract international interest. We have seen a number of major trans-Atlantic sales to US based companies using ij INTERNATIONAL JURISTS.
One such transaction was the acquisition of a European telecoms development company. Payment was to be made partly in cash and partly in shares. However, there are complex rules regarding the ownership of shares in US companies and subsequent trading of them by non-US citizens. Our US associate handled the special Securities and Exchange Commission requirements of the transaction in the USA.

Similar sales of technology, hi-tech companies or shares in such organisations demonstrate how ij INTERNATIONAL JURISTS can create a smooth passage for complex transactions.

Other types of services
An English client used the network to deal with a personal injury claim against a garage in another country where a car ramp collapsed onto her foot.
Through ij INTERNATIONAL JURISTS a Belgian exporter was able to obtain advice from our Spanish member law firm on a contract problem with a customer in that country.

Value to clients
The variety and complexity of cases handled through the ij INTERNATIONAL JURISTS network demonstrates its value to clients of member firms. There is the confidence of knowing that the advice and assistance available is of the very best quality.

Who are the members of ij INTERNATIONAL JURISTS?
The membership of ij INTERNATIONAL JURISTS is steadily growing to meet the requirements of clients trading with an ever-widening circle of countries. Within this brochure is a loose leaf insert listing the individual firms and contact details. All members of IJ share a common approach to high standards of integrity, client focus and legal excellence. In their own country, each firm is highly regarded.

Each firm has a unique set of particular skills and services. Some members specialise in hi-tech industries, others have particular experience of a wide range of international industries. Others have a strong reputation in handling real estate. All are active in mainstream corporate and commercial law.